Water - Environment

Water Analysis

One of the major concerns of our companies today is respect for the environment. Via its national laboratory network and its multiple approvals and accreditations, the CARSO group provides environmental services for analysing water, air, soil, sludge and waste, etc...

Drinking water and domestic water includes:

  • Tap water
  • Mineral water
  • Hospital water: operating rooms, haemodialysis, et
  • Leisure water: swimming pools, saunas, leisure centres, etc

Ground-water and surface water analysis

Ground-water originates from the infiltration of rainwater into the soil. ,Surface water includes flowing water (rivers, canals, etc.) and stagnating water (lakes, lagoons, etc.).

Effluent and wastewater analysis

  • urban and industrial effluents
  • hospital effluents


Our "RSDE hazardous substances" team is available to work with industrialists to provide quick solutions to the new regulatory requirements imposed by the circular of 5 January 2009.

  • Monthly analysis reports and tables of Annex 5.4.
  • A team of "hazardous substances" specialists providing scientific expertise for the summary report (within 12 months of the notification of the prefectural order), in particular comprising all analysis reports, comments and explanations regarding the results and origins of the substances released.
  • Our experts can also take part in justifying proposals for a request for waivers or exemptions regarding the monitoring of certain substances and are available for any technical discussions or to provide explanations
  • Our sites, located throughout France (25 agencies), enable us to take 24-hour samples, adjusted according to the flow rate or time, throughout France.
  • High-tech analytical equipment (GC-MS-MS, HRGC-HRMS, LC-MS-MS) is used to meet the requirements set by prefectural orders, both in terms of the substances tested and quantification limits.
  • A national logistics network (refrigerated transport in under 24h) and controlled result deadlines.
  • A high-performance computer tool for data transfer.

Our laboratories measure and test industrial effluents and perform targeted searches according to the relevant regulatory context (European decision, decrees, prefectural orders, etc...)

  • Dioxin, furan and dioxin-like PCB analysis
  • Pesticide analysis (more than 1,000 molecules)
  • HAP analysis
  • PBDE, chloroalkane and perchlorate analysis
  • Volatile organic compound analysis
  • Semi-volatile organic compound analysis
  • Inorganic compound analysis
  • Metal analysis
  • Drug residue analysis
  • Etc
  • Bacteriological analysis
  • Legionella analysis
  • Virus analysis
  • Parasite analysis
  • Yeast analysis
  • Mould analysis
  • Microbial count
  • Microbial identification
  • Sterility testing
  • etc...
  • Radionuclide analysis
  • Gross alpha and beta activity analysis
  • Radon
  • Tritium
  • Radioelements
  • etc
  • Acute ecotoxicity testing
  • Chronic ecotoxicity testing
  • Standardised Global Biological Index (IBGN)
  • Biological Diatom Index (IBD)
  • etc