Ours values

Long-term commitments for faultless safety



The integrity, impartiality and independence of our services, personal respect and our environmental and corporate social responsibility make CARSO a responsible stakeholder. These values make up the very heart of our concerns and enable us to move forward with our CSR commitments in line with the socially responsible investment objectives of the FSI.


The fast, mass production of precise and reliable analytical data for an increasingly extensive panel of molecules, requires the use of the most sophisticated technology in our field of work. We stand out through our capacity to integrate this technology on an unrivalled level in France.


Year after year, awareness to environmental and health risks rises. New regulations are constantly emerging, reinforcing our customers’ expectations: new molecules, increased awareness, shortened analysis deadlines or new accreditation restrictions, etc. Our fast reactivity time enables us to instantly adapt our operational solutions to this constant flow of new requirements.


We offer complex services to meet equally complex specifications. This requires the formation of a true partnership with our customers, the success of whom depends on the solidity of our interfaces with the latter. Our response to this challenge is based on our local presence throughout France and Europe, coupled with the expertise and reactivity of our customer service department.



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