The Group


The CARSO group was founded in 1992 by Neptune Technologies in conjunction with the CNRS scientific research centre for the purpose of analysing dioxins via high resolution mass spectrometry.

In 1997, CARSO took over the water and asbestos analysis activities from the Pasteur Institute in Lyon.

Then in the 2000s, CARSO complemented its analytical know-how with specific external developments (Algade radioactivity analysis laboratory take-over from Areva, SOCOR laboratory take-over from EDF, take-over of the IGNA and ITGA laboratories, etc.) and with internal R&D developments, thus enabling it to offer its customers a very wide range of analyses and associated services.

At the beginning of 2011, the BPI (Bank of Public Investment), Euromezzanine and Le Crédit du Nord acquired a stake in the CARSO group as its financial partners.

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