Food safety and analyses


Our analytical services

  • Nutritional characterisation, additives
  • Compliance checks
  • Spoilage flora count
  • Metrological analyses
  • Species Identification / Quantification
  • Genotyping (ingredients)
  • Search & count of pathogenic microorganisms, hygiene indicators & viruses
  • Serotyping, identification
  • Stability test / ageing
  • Search & quantification of pesticide residues, medication, mycotoxins, residual solvents, heavy metals, HAP, dioxins / DL- or NDL-PCB allergens, GMOs, radionuclides and anti-nutritional factors
  • BSE

Our quality dynamics

  • NF EN ISO 17025-accredited laboratories
  • New accreditations every year
  • Growing participation in European interlaboratory comparisons (BIPEA, RAEMA, QM, IFIP, FAPAS, Union of Oenologists)
  • Contribution to standardisation projects (ISO, CEN & AFNOR)


Our approvals & accreditations

  • CARSO’s laboratories in France benefit from the following accreditations in the agri-food industry
    Accreditation scopes available from – see: Accreditation certificates 1-1531, 1-1946, 1-1410, 1-1358 and 1-2387
  • Approval by the French Ministry of Agriculture for dioxin & PCB testing
  • Approval by the DDPP for the issue of certificates for products intended for export
  • DDSV accreditation for microbiological & parasite analyses
  • Technical qualification certificate from the French Ministry of Health for measuring radioactivity in commodities intended for consumption
  • Approval by the French Ministry of Agriculture for BSE screening
  • Accreditations from multiple certification bodies (e.g.: Qualipaq, Bureau Veritas, Fediol, Certiqual, AFAQ, Ascert Int, etc.)
  • Larebron approval from the DDSP for staphylococcal enterotoxins
  • INAO approval
  • CIR approval (research grant)


Consequent human means

  • More than 300 employees within the CARSO Agri-food departmentviandes
  • Managed by an experienced team
  • Assisted by the Group’s support functions :
    • Regulation monitoring
    • R&D
    • Quality
    • Development of methods
    • Information Systems
    • Human Resources

Analytical equipment

  • Analysers: high resolution mass spectrometer GC-MS-MS, LC-MS-MS, gas chromatographs with flame ionization detectors, coupled to a mass spectrometer, liquid chromatograph with UV-VIS, fluorescence and amperometric detectors, coupled to a mass spectrometer, PCR, ICP/MS, ICP/AES, continuous flow, atomic absorption spectrometers, ionometers, etc.
  • Readers: Elisa, Vidas, spectrophotometers, etc.
  • High-throughput DNA sequencers


Our customer-oriented culture

Responsible values focused on your satisfactionbatiment_carso_agroalimenta

  • Proximity and availability
  • Direct, real time access to our experts
  • Committed to reactivity and the relevance of the solutions provided
  • Consulting
  • Analytical offer in response to emerging risks
  • Implementation of processes specifically adapted to suit your needs
  • Customer urgency always prioritised/span>
  • Transparency at the very heart of our partnership
  • Our values: integrity, impartiality and independence


We assist you with:

  • Determining your verification plansagroalimentaire
  • Regulation monitoring and alarm monitoring
  • Sampling and sample logistics
  • Installing alarm systems
  • Providing your analytical data in the desired format
  • Compliance conclusions according to your criteria
  • Quality auditing and consulting: traceability, health approval, HACCP, hygiene audit, etc.
  • Developing and validating new analytical methods or outsourcing your internal laboratory
  • And for your R&D projects
    • Product development
    • Validation of specifications