Radiation protection of the mining sites




Sites in project :

      • Assessment of estimated radiological impacts on mine workers
      • Advice on optimization

Site in operation :

      • Dosimetric follow-up of mine workers (radon, dust, gamma radiation)
      • Monitoring of work environment : site interventions
      • Advice on preventive measures (ventilation…)
      • Leak testing of sealed sources
      • Advice on organising radiation protection

During decommissioning :

      • Radiation protection of all acting personnel
      • Characterization and management of waste products
      • Monitoring of the storage areas

ALGADE is approved by decision CODEP-DIS 2012-002831 of the Authority of dated January 23, 2012 Nuclear Safety for the monitoring of the external exposure of the workers exposed to the natural radionuclides of the chains of uranium and thorium.