Analysis of materials and objects in contact with water


Materials and objects in contact with water

The experience accumulated over the years by the LSEHL Environment, Health and Safety laboratory in water analysis resulted in 2002 in the CARSO group extending its know-how to include the materials and objects used in fixed facilities for the production, treatment and distribution of water intended for human consumption.

The French regulations in effect (French order of 29 May 1997) provide for the laboratory assessment of these products so as to check that they are not capable of modifying the organoleptic, physico-chemical and microbiological properties of water.

Products concerned include :

  • mcde water storage and transport materials: pipe or tank coatings, ducts (made from polyethylene, polypropylene or polyvinylchloride, etc.), connections and seals.
  • network accessories: pumps, valves, flowmeters, counters, washroom and industrial valves and fittings, backflow preventers and check valves, etc.
  • water treatment supports such as ion exchange resins and filtration modules (ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, etc.)
  • individual drinking water treatment appliances or systems (filter jugs, taps, etc.)


Reminder: all operators working in water production, treatment or distribution facilities must ensure that all items used can justify their compliance with the water regulations in effect:

  • The Water Regulations Certificate of Compliance (ACS in France) for materials and accessories issued by an approved laboratory
  • Approval or authorisation for the use of treatment supports issued by the French Ministry of Health.

The LSEHL has been authorised by the French Ministry since 31 January 2003 to assess all of these types of products and issue ACS certificates.