Ambient air and emissions analysis

Air and emissions

The CARSO group is certified to perform all analyses regarding atmospheric emissions, ambient air and air in the work place:
For atmospheric pollution :pollution_usine
  • Analysing the fuels used for electricity, heating and transport
  • Analysing vehicle fumes
  • Analysing gas emissions generated by industrial activities
For indoor air pollution :
  • Analysing materials and occupant activities (paints, varnishes, maintenance products, etc.)
  • Analysing housing properties (heating, ventilation, etc.)
  • Analysing ambient air
For air in the work place:
  • Analysing materials and more precisely the chemicals used in the manufacturing process, etc.
  • Analysing ambient air

Our expertise in analytical methods enables us to test for and characterise pollutants in gaseous or particle form.

  • Dioxin, furan, dioxin-like PCB and HAP analysis, etc.
  • Volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis .
  • Metal analysis
  • Isocyanate, aldehyde, ketone and amine analysis, etc.
  • Asbestos and dust analysis, etc.
  • Etc ...
  • Bacteriological analysis
  • Legionella analysis
  • Mould analysis
  • Yeast analysis, etc.
  • Microbial count
  • Microorganism testing
  • etc...
  • Radon analysis
  • Long-lived and short-lived alpha emitters
  • Beta and gamma emitters, etc.